Monthly Archives: September 2016

1×07: Orange is the New Bak

Riding leathers, prison panties, and a whole lot of unnaturally scripted villain monologues litter this recap of Sense8 Episode 7: WWNDD. You’ll learn what word can best replace “trunk” in your daily life and just who is allowed to claim ownership of other people’s genitalia (spoiler alert: no one). All that with a side of unnecessary profanity!

1×06: Sweaty Will VI: The Sweatening

In a fresh and sexy recap of Sense8 episode 6: Demons, Julie & Julian go deep into the extended Netflix universe, creating fan theories galore about what other shows might be concurrent with Sense8 and which of the Cluster most closely resembles Jerry Gergich (hint: sweats a lot). They also discuss whose genitalia might be secretly psychic and try their darndest to ruin avocados for everyone.